Video of ThermaTech with abrasive

Video of ThermaTech with abrasive

Restorative Techniques, the specialist cleaning equipment supplier that makes the ThermaTech superheated water cleaning system (often called steam cleaning), has published a video showing it in use with a new abrasive attachment. You can watch the video by clicking on the Vimeo link below.

ThermaTech has previously cleaned with superheated water only. But superheated water on its own cannot easily clean off residues such as limewash, mineral-based paints, cement residue and efflorescence. So Restorative Techniques has developed an abrasive attachment for use with the ThermaTech so it can tackle these tougher cleaning jobs.

The abrasive attachment can be fitted to existing ThermoTechs and is as controllable as the ThermaTech itself thanks to a dial on the handle to control the abrasive flow rate. The water pressure from the ThermaTech is also easily adjustable to give a particularly versatile cleaning system.

The new attachment uses three, high-pressure jets in a ceramic nozzle to deliver a particularly free flowing abrasive (many abrasives would simply clog up in the damp atmosphere) to produce a diffused spray for low intensity removal of contaminants. It is even gentle enough to use on wood.

In less accessible locations, the ThermaTech can be used with a long hose and the abrasive carried on a backpack that Restorative Techniques also supply.

ThermTechs are just one of the stone and building cleaning products sold by Restorative Techniques. You can see the whole range on the company’s website here.

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