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ThermaClean are experts in all elements of professional stone cleaning and stone restoration services, delivering only the very best of professional quality finishes at competitive prices.

Providing environmental friendly and delicate cleaning techniques our team are highly experienced in removing all types of stains and impurities from all types of stonework being flat or structured, restoring natural colour to the facade without any risk of damage being caused to the stones surface, providing the safest stone cleaning experience possible while guaranteeing outstanding results.

We clean all types of stone!

  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Flagstone
  • Portland stone
  • And much more

Manx Stone

Historically, the building materials naturally occurring over much of the Isle of Man provided an abundance of stone, with a number of small Granite quarries, the red stone of Ballaugh, and the Devonian red sandstone of Peel. Limestone in the south, was used both ‘in the rough’ and dressed, has proved very robust, well able to withstand the severe coastal exposure.

Plenty of types of stone has been imported for carving monuments, decorative details or the use of lintels in prestigious buildings, and more recently for general building work.

About our professional, steam based, stone and masonry cleaner

ThermaTech the cleaning system of choice for many stone and conservation companies and architects.

Key Benefits

  1. Very high temperature water for effective cleaning.
  2. Low pressure cleaning guarantees absolutely no surface damage.
  3. No harmful chemicals are used and no residue is left behind after cleaning.

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Dave Norman

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We can offer general help and advice or a full consultancy service,
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Building Conservation Isle of Man
  • On-site trials and reports
  • Structural Repairs & Stabilisation
  • Consultancy Services
BC IOM is an Isle of Man based Building Consultancy specialising in survey, repair and maintenance of our historic built environment.
Lightfast Ltd - IOM Agency for Keim
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  • Detailed advice available
Supplying MINERAL PAINTS & LIME RENDERS on the Isle of Man. Contact us to arrange an on-site inspection and survey.