Stone is incredibly durable, however, it is also vulnerable to the ravages of time due to it’s porous nature. It is inclined to become soiled, soaking up pollutants and dirt like a sponge.


Built-up dirt or pollutants can accelerate the growth of biological matter, which in turn hastens the erosion and decay of stone surfaces and mortars.

With careful, considered attention to cleaning, ThermaTech can safely remove this built-up matter from stone, both to prolong the life of the stone and enhance its appearance.


How not to do it

Harsh cleaning techniques such as chemical cleaning products, abrasives or wire brushes, high-pressure water, or sand blasting can easily mark or damage the stone. Excessive cleaning can also destroy the stone’s ‘case hardening’ (the harder layer which naturally develops on old stone after time). Removing this hard layer exposes the softer stone beneath, hastening the decay of the stone.

For all these reasons, it is a good idea to use a professional stone cleaner with experience in conserving stone to inspect the building or memorial and determine the best way to clean and preserve it.


When should aged stone be cleaned?

The decision on whether to clean a stone structure, building or monument shouldn’t necessarily be made solely for aesthetic reasons. Rather, it should aim to reduce the rate of decay or deterioration

ThermaClean will begin by evaluating the condition of your stone memorial or monument, and planning any necessary cleaning or restoration work with sympathy and care.


How ThermaClean cleans and preserves historical structures

Our steam based cleaning machine reaches temperatures of up to 150 degrees and is excellent at removing dirt, grime and paint from your brick work, without causing any damage to the brick surface. Ideal for both heritage and listed buildings and new builds alike.

About our professional, steam based, stone and masonry cleaner

ThermaTech the cleaning system of choice for many stone and conservation companies and architects.

Key Benefits

  1. Very high temperature water for effective cleaning.
  2. Low pressure cleaning guarantees absolutely no surface damage.
  3. No harmful chemicals are used and no residue is left behind after cleaning.

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