The ThermaTech Super-heated water system is NOT a pressure washer as one might use on say a patio etc. There are distinctive differences from a Jet washer or Power washer and even a Commercial pressure washer.

The power of steam

Hot water has a lower surface tension than cold and thus is more likely to clean more deeply and quickly.

Fully controllable

The advantages of ThermaTech as a piece of technical machinery is that both pressure and temperature are fully controllable – allowing the use of cold water at minimal pressure to be used all the way up to a constant steam temperature of 150 degrees at pressures of up to 90 bar.

Specific nozzle design

A pump delivers water through a restrictive nozzle which increases the velocity of the water.  The use of an atomizing nozzle that diffuses the jet of steam can result in a very low pressure at the surface being cleaned. In general, the wider the spray angle, the lower the pressure at the substrate. A narrower angle can result in greater pressure that can be sufficient to cause damage to soft or decayed limestone and sandstone.

Specialist training

Knowledge and experience of the substrate condition, choice of pressure, temperature and nozzle type other, the angle of spray to the surface being treated, distance of the spray to the surface and the duration of contact are all variables used to control the precision and effectiveness of the jet.

Abrasive Injection

Whereas in the past, super-heated and steam systems would have had limited success with NON-Temperature responsive coatings (such as cements/lime-based paints, carbon sulphation, lime efflorescence etc), the ThermaTech system is able to create a pressurised mixture of hot water and abrasive medium. Coatings or deposits that remain brittle at 150°C can however often yield to the application of abrasive, giving a ‘mechanical’ advantage.

About our professional, steam based, stone and masonry cleaner

ThermaTech the cleaning system of choice for many stone and conservation companies and architects.

Key Benefits

  1. Very high temperature water for effective cleaning.
  2. Low pressure cleaning guarantees absolutely no surface damage.
  3. No harmful chemicals are used and no residue is left behind after cleaning.

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