We offer a render cleaning service, on the Isle of Man, specialising particularly  in historic façades.


Plaster render is a soft exterior that can be easily damaged with normal power washing techniques but ThermaClean’s expert use of ThermaTech machinery ensures that your building will look like new with no damage to the render whatsoever.


Render Cleaning Services


The ThermaTech system enables us to sympathetically clean delicate surfaces using high temperature, but low pressure. By heating the water to up to 155ºC, and using a liquid spray we can clean render and other soft surfaces thoroughly at only 50 bar.


We can carry out the sympathetic cleaning of traditional lime render surfaces, used historically on stone buildings in the Isle of Man. With a wealth of experience in treating and protecting these soft, permeable finishes, we’re the ones to call.


Environmentally Friendly


We use only environmentally friendly render cleaning methods to ensure not only do we use safe methods on your building but to also protect the surrounding areas.

About our professional, steam based, stone and masonry cleaner

ThermaTech the cleaning system of choice for many stone and conservation companies and architects.

Key Benefits

  1. Very high temperature water for effective cleaning.
  2. Low pressure cleaning guarantees absolutely no surface damage.
  3. No harmful chemicals are used and no residue is left behind after cleaning.

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Dave Norman

Please contact Dave to discover all the benefits of using ThermClean for your next project.

We can offer general help and advice or a full consultancy service,
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