Case Studies

Paint removal from brick home

The property in question is a single detached brick home built in the late 1960s. The original brick on the house was painted over most likely some time in the 1970s.

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Masonry Cleaning of Sandstone House & Wall

The project was to remove biological growth, sap and dirt on the sandstone of a townhome built in 2012 that consisted of clay brick and sandstone.

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War Memorial Monument & Wax Removal

The jobsite is the oldest cemetery in Vancouver, dating back to 1886. The war memorial monument was constructed in 1926 and is cherished and very popular among visitors who come to see it and take pictures of it.

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ThermaTech system cleans Apsley House in London

ThermaTech system from Restorative Techniques was chosen to remove surface soiling without disturbing the historic treatment of copperas wash at Apsley House in London.

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ThermaTech cleans Grade I listed church

ThermaTech systems from Restorative Techniques were used to carry out cleaning and repairs to this Grade I listed church, which was built circa 1758.

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Super-heated steam cleans the Cenotaph

The ThermaTech equipment from Restorative Techniques was used to clean the Cenotaph, a tall stone war memorial in Whitehall, London.

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Medieval limestone restoration at St Albans

Damaged and weathered medieval limestone at St Albans was in need of a thorough clean, and equipment from Restorative Techniques were chosen for the project.

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Removal of high build coating from brick terrace

Another great project. The clients had a high build coating on the front of their property that had broken down.  After cleaning with ThermaTech and further sympathetic works it looks like a new house!

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Coatings removal from Grosvenor Court, Douglas

We were pleased to have been chosen by DRS to advise on the correct treatments and products for use on the conservation of this historic building facade.

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Paint stripping of Traditional Manx Stone Cottage

Transforming another Manx stone building that has suffered years of damp from using the wrong exterior paints that trap in the moisture and cause countless problems.

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