Medieval limestone restoration at St Albans

Damaged and weathered medieval limestone at St Albans was in need of a thorough clean, and equipment from Restorative Techniques were chosen for the project.

St Albans is an amazing mixture of architectural styles, with new Lancaster stone embedded in various ways and colours, alongside the original medieval limestone, beautifully carved stone details and medieval Purbeck stone.

The West Porches’ ancient stonework was damaged and weathered. The task was to reverse the effects and put in preventative measures to protect the West Front in the future.

The damage to the building came from salts and other issues associated with the damp caused by a burst internal down pipe, as well as biological soiling and serious sulphation on the undersides of mouldings and details.

Using ThermaTech equipment from Restorative Techniques the cleaning work to the Abbey was completed successfully. By controlling the method of cleaning, and using stable non-hazardous waste products, the St. Albans was cleaned to high standards and taken back to its beautiful natural ancient stonework.

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